Friday, March 18, 2011

The Scuba Rangers Philosophy

The Scuba Rangers Philosophy

As a children’s outreach organization, Scuba Rangers has the responsibility to promote good values. To keep it simple and fun, we’ve designed a Scuba Rangers star, which defines the 5 points of a successful Scuba Ranger:

Proper Knowledge: Rangers must learn the rules of responsible diving.
Proper Skills: Rangers must learn and practice the basic scuba skills.
Proper Equipment: Rangers must learn to use basic scuba equipment, and will have to own snorkeling equipment, while learning to properly care for the equipment.
Proper Experience: Rangers should maintain diving proficiency, dive within their limits, and continue to learn more about scuba and water exploration.
Responsibility: Rangers should honor their responsibilities to their families, their community, the environment and themselves.
Try our Cuba Skuba Program a try out scuba for kids 8-12 years old at PJ Palms swimming pool every Sunday. Email for bookings. More info here www.waterkids.infoBooking is essential

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