Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cuba Skuba #3 and SSI Scuba Rangers Level 1 - 27th Feb. 2011

Latest confirm pax: 
Farris Izznor Izakisna, Noor Azriana  Noor Azerai, Muhamad Nur Irfan Mohd Hairul Anuar, Muhammad Syahmi Sazali, Muhammad Khalifah Razlan, Muhammad Mikail Razlan, Mohd Hairul Anuar Amin, Sazali Zainon, Mazura Yazid, Nasemassaba Basemin.

---- CLOSED ----
(Next Class will be on 6th March 2011)

Next Cuba Skuba (introductory to scuba diving) session  will be held this Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011 around 10am. This time, Cuba Skuba program is open to kids and parents to try out and find out whether they are eligible for scuba diving hobby or not.

Also on the date, Water Kids will be having for the first time SSI Scuba Rangers Level 1 program for those who have succeed the Cuba Skuba previously.

Fell free to register thru The E-mail or thru the website here

Please be reminded that, to join any of the program, parents have to register their kids before Saturday for us to prepare the scuba equipment as the scuba centre at PJ Palms does not cater for kids diving.

This is also for certificate and Scuba Rangers development kits preparation.

Feel free to contact me at 013-2520109 or e-mail me for further details.   

Monday, February 21, 2011

Water Kids Cuba Skuba (Scuba Try Out) #2 - 20th Feb. 2011

Water + Kids = Fun Water Kids

My lone try out student Nasuha Ahmad Nasiruddin, 11.


Next upcoming dive try out and SSI Scuba Rangers 1st level program for kids Sunday 27th February 2011

Next upcoming dive try out and SSI Scuba Rangers 1st level program for kids Sunday 27th February 2011

Place: Sea Monkey Dive PJ Palms swimming pool, Petalling Jaya 
(Old Kelab Syabas, behind A&W PJ)

Time: 10am-2pm

Who: Kids 7++ - 12 years old

When: 27th February 2011

Price: Try outs with Waterkids cert (RM160), SSI Scuba Rangers (RM350+120) Development Kits + 1st session

Please confirm attendance by emailling names and birthdate.

My lone student on 20th February. Congratulation Nasuha Ahmad Nasiruddin.

*pictures taken using Olympus XZ-1 and Olympus housing and strobe with Inon wide angle wet lens.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cuba Skuba for Kids #1 13th February 2011

Scuba diving for kids:
They come, they have fun, they conquer. Kids + Water

Congratulations to Nabila Yazmine, Nabil Ghazali, Iskandar Putra, Puteri Mas Ayu, Farris Izznor, Razman Afdhal, Noor Azriana, Noor Adzri, Ahmad Nazeef, Umairah Nurunajah for Water Kids Cuba Skuba completion at PJ Palms on 13th February 2011. Info on next Cuba Skuba on 20th February 2011, please view for more.

All scuba diving images taken using Olympux XZ-1 with Olympus housing and strobe
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