Thursday, November 5, 2009

After 5 months now its E-P2

Additional 2 art filter diorama and cross process, Electronic View Finder (EVF) - bundled together and optional external stereo mic.

E-P2 will be on the shelf parallel with E-P1.

Up to today, Olympus mouth shut whether they will phased out E-P1 or slowing down the production.

Still, they can't resolve the slow focusing and internal flash that Panasonic GF-1 (which is smaller) have.

Also two new lenses for micro 4/3 are introduce which is smaller than other 4/3 lenses including the Panasonic lenses.

As usual, will be doing the hands on review if I got to use the camera.

As for now, I think u guys have the answer.

Price, see last pix.

As for underwater photogs, sorry to say, they will not built any underwater housing nor collaborate with any housing makers for the pen series.

But next year Olympus will introduce two micro 4/3 camera together with the underwater housing.

Although they don't want to revealed either its a PEN or E conventional series, the two camera will be categorised as low end. So meaning cheap?

Up for you to guess. :)

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