Saturday, November 7, 2009

Underwater modeling and fashion shootout

I've started my underwater photography about 8 years back with a Nikonos V and a 35mm standard lens for the cam with a single Nikonos SB101 strobe. The sets were loan to me by my Scuba Instructor, Anuar Abdullah.

It was bit hard for normal camera user to handle Nikonos V underwater as it demand apature, shutter and distance to be measure manually although the camera gave you choices of auto and manual exposure.

As time evolved and did the photography world with its digital era, I still using the Nikonos V and already using a 28mm lens that gave me a bit of free angle while underwater.

So everything was history as I only focusing to captured all those beautiful marine life around Malaysia (The only place I went outside of Malaysia was, Sunshine Coast at Brisbane, OZ).

For me, to do the same thing for years get me bored so I started to find new thing to do while underwater. And the best thing is to do underwater modeling and fashion.

Out of a sudden, after looking at Tarachin Vt's underwater model works, I'm into the scenes. I don't have any particular underwater photographer idol becoz for me its the model who gave a wonderfull post and we as the water photog just captured what ever they present to us. So for me, they are doing the art for

After looking, searching and asking around, finally, I got a chance to have an underwater photo shoot with groups of Unisel's Industrial Photography students, particularly DP02 and bit of DP01.

With Elaine Tam, I got to know Felicia Zoe from her and she bring along Vicky Lee as the model (who never had a chance to do an underwater pose).

Its a bit hard for the model and the photogs as both new to underwater but finaly, the result were amazing.

1. Nikon D100 - Aquatica D100
2. Nikon P5100 - Ikelite
3. Panasonic Lumix LX3 -Nautilus
4. Olympus SP350 - Ikelite
5. Inon Z220, Z240 (2X) strobe

Do comment and critic the results (Work from me and Unisel's student).






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