Thursday, March 26, 2009

Makawidey Resort - Coming Soon - By Malaysian for The World in Indonesia... ok what

One more dive resort will be opened this month. The best about it is, the owner, Nazir, my friend is from Malaysia and one of the most upcoming young Malaysian profesional underwater photographer, I mean profesional.

He does thing differently and he took to a next level for his love in marine species, mostly critters and he choose the best area in the world to open up a dive centre.

Known as Makawidey Resort - Makawidey Point, a superb critters location in Manado - will be opened soon.

Makawidey is about 30km from Manado. I've never been to Manado to dive before but have been there to fish. Ya hook up a 50kg yellowfin and saw how a 200kg blue marlin were tag and release.

Anyway, would love to have a touch at Makawidey Point with my ol' Nikon D100.

The only place I've dove outside of Malaysia is only at Sunshine Coast (HMS Brisbane). Nazir, please make my day... :)

Catch the progress here

Shutterbugs and photography nerds - BEWARE!!!

The Digital Camera, Imaging and Media Show 2009 (DCIM Show 2009) aims to bring together the various components that make up the photography and imaging industry in Malaysia i.e. manufacturers, vendors, retailers, labs and more importantly, the hobbyists and professionals.

Organised by Velocity Media Sdn Bhd (Velocity Media), publisher of Malaysia’s premier digital photography magazine – Digital Camera Magazine – the event will showcase the latest innovations and products in the world of photography. Velocity Media also publishes the top lifestyle-gadget magazine T3 Malaysia, the foremost gaming magazine PC Gamer Malaysia and the authoritative IT magazine Max IT.

DCIM Show 2009 will cover the entire spectrum of photography and its related gears and applications – Digital SLR cameras, lenses, camera kits and equipments, software, output i.e. printing solutions and other photography and imaging-related products and services.

Timed and planned to run right after one of the world’s most highly anticipated photography event, Photo Marketing Association International (PMA), DCIM Show 2009 will enable Malaysians to view, experience and purchase the latest devices and innovations in digital photography and imaging of 2009!

A series of seminars and workshops featuring some of the most well-known and respected photography experts are also penned in to benefit hobbyists and amateurs in the field of photography.

On top of that, the Velocity Angel Search (fashion and lifestyle modelling competition) will also be held to add glitz and glamour to the event.

The main objective of DCIM Show is to be recognised as the foremost photography and imaging event in the region, placing Malaysia in the world map of photography.
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